Christian Counselors and Therapists in the Atlanta Area 

* The majority will do a sliding scale fee.

Phil Drake 

Specializes in pastoral counseling, focus on suffering and grief.

Melissa Freas

Hope Hailey

Dana Lindsay

Emily Lorin

Rhonda Milner 

Specializing in counseling, therapy and pastoral counseling

Sarah Pannell

Bobby Russell

Cary Sibley

Lindsey Steffen

Specializes in trauma recovery

Dan Upshaw 

Specializes in couples and families, addiction, sexual issues,
anxiety, & identity formation

Marlayne Whitlock,LPC_Atlanta_Georgia_21105

*Special Note

*Please be aware that email is not a secure means of communication and spam filters may prevent you from reaching a therapist.

*Using email does not guarantee the therapist will read or receive or respond to your email.
*If you are having an Emergency call 911 or your nearest hospital.