The Red Cardinal

Red Cardinals are special birds representing God's love and comfort. They also represent Christ's blood as they were named after the Cardinals in the Catholic Church who wear red as the symbol of Christ's blood. My son, Whitner, died on Palm Sunday 2011. I was sent a Red Cardinal a few days after his death when I boldly asked God for a sign that my son was with Him. The red bird lit next to me. Since that time my yard has been an infestation of cardinals--that would be my son drawing all the! They always show up when I need comfort, affirmation or love. Their call is very distinct so even if I don't see them I know they are with me as I know my invisible God is always with me. So if my Whitner is with God, and God is always with me then my son is always with me. Such a blessing and affirmation to know God often sends the Red Cardinal to give love and comfort to others, too. The red bird is a healing presence from God and our loved ones. 


- Rhonda Milner