The Wandering Sheep

The Wandering Sheep: That would be me.

am Rhonda Dawes Milner. The idea of Healing Presence Ministry was conceived in 2013, the year I graduated from Richmont Graduate University (RGU) with a Masters in Professional Counseling with specialties in Addiction and Spirituality & Counseling which I had started Jan of 2008. The summer of 2013 I completed my 2 years of studies in Spiritual Formation with The Renovare Institute being fortunate to train under the late, great Dallas Willard. I then began my Masters in Ministry at RGU and completed my training summer 2015. I also will complete my training next month as a Spiritual Director. I am a physician having graduated from Emory U School of Medicine and a retired Radiologist. I am from Atlanta, GA graduating from The Westminster Schools years ago and from UGA in Microbiology. I have been married for over 30 years and had 4 children. My oldest son, Whitner, died in 2011 from practicing breath-holding in our family pool. I subsequently founded a nonprofit to raise awareness. The website is and we are on Facebook if you want to like us.


My background has led me to be fascinated with the mind, body, spirit connection that provides our health and wellbeing. I love connecting with others on the interpersonal level and helping them in any way I can. My counseling practice is geared towards those who cannot afford regular counseling so this has been a ministry for me. I am also a spiritual director walking with people in their growth and movement towards God. I have kept my medical license current just in case I might need it in the future or rather if God sees I need to use it in the future. I never know what's up His sleeve for me so I try to keep all doors open that He might want me to walk through, sometimes over and over again until I get the message, finally. I can be a slow learner...ha! say the least.


I want everyone to know who I am and to especially know that this new outreach ministry is nothing about me. In fact, if I had been truly obedient to God and not a Wandering Sheep, this would have happened in 2013. But, God's persistent unfolding continues as He prods and prompts waiting patiently on me to get His message and take action. I am just trying to be discerning and obedient, the best I can "doing what I can, not what I can't." I have always been a bit strong-willed and rebellious, even as a child, so He has had to use persistent pushing at times until I finally become compliant and agree to see the door He has opened. He continually pulls me back into His fold, and fortunately He has not given up on me yet, even with my challenges. Hence, the title of my history, "The Wandering Sheep." I can say without a doubt, God is merciful and generous in His forgiveness and constant love of us. I must add, as I shared with a friend today, sometimes God leads me where I don't want to go like I go "kicking and screaming" saying, "God you got the wrong girl," but He has His own ideas as I finally just give up and say, "Yes, Sir, You want me to do What?? Ima gonna need a lot of help here." Then He just miraculously does it for me.☺ So this is to say, Healing Presence Ministry is all about God and what He can do and what He does. I am just along for the ride and am often reluctant at that. This Wandering Sheep can give anyone hope and promise of God's love and forgiveness along with His endless patience. God is good & kind, and I am grateful every second of each day for that.

This is a prayer-poem written in church on Oct 4, 2015. As I reread it I realize God's sense of humor since this is The Wandering Sheep's prayer that I wrote. So I am changing the title from "A Prayer of the Blessed" to "The Wandering Sheep's Prayer." I feel sure that there are many other Wandering Sheep like me that feel and need God's blessing.


The Wandering Sheep's Prayer


My heart opens up and sings
I wait patiently to see what You bring


You inflow filling my soul
Once again You guide me back to Your fold


I wander like a lost sheep
I repent once again and I weep


Your loving kindness grants me Your grace
My spirit so yearns to see Your sweet face


I trust You to show me the way
I pray dear Lord don't let me stray


Help me to see my path You chose
I praise and thank God for the day You rose


The sinner I am would remain forever lost
I am only saved at Your sacrifice and cost


Release me from bondage to fly free like a dove
Blessed am I to know Your eternal, everlasting love


Amen ❤


- Rhonda Milner


"Not all who wander are lost."
---J.R.R. Tolkien

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