Ode to Heroin

Ode to Heroin

You come to maim, blame, shame, and destroy.
You rob of life, love, trust, and joy.


Your goal is Satan's work, 
and in the shadows there he lurks.


You play the sweet enticing Sirens' song,
only too late to know it was all wrong.


A moment's pain is gone
to only find it continues to go on and on.


Your casualties are held captive by the links of love and lure,
but sadly they discover there is no cure.


They say heroin, the lover, is always there
instantly ready to give and care.


Lies, lies, and more lies are all you speak
turning your victims into the weak.


So goes the same old story every time;
there is no reason nor no rhyme.


Death is there to shed his black cloak
as he watches young lives go up in his smoke.


Sinister is too kind of word;
your evil voice should never be heard.


You came to claim my child as your own
never caring once for the loving family of her home.


So though you have come and tread too near,
I am not being pulled and lulled into your fear.


My Lord is strong
and does no wrong.


He will prevail
in the triumph of His nails.


As long as there is life and breath,
there is a battle to be fought and wept.


You may think you win by stealing flesh,
but Jesus does not leave his faithful to rest.


Heaven's gates say its not too late;
God's Paradise will certainly be her fate.


The victory is already won,
and you, Satan, remain forever under the Son.


We will never give up, even if we must begin, 
over and over, time again and again.


In the final end, 
heroin, you, and the Devil will never ever win.


- Rhonda Milner


I recently wrote this poem on Oct 13, 2015, to my oldest daughter to let her know we would never give up on battling her addiction and on her. By God's grace she is in recovery. We have come so close to losing her too many times. God has intervened miraculously to save her life so I know He has great plans for her. Where there is life, there is always hope so never, ever give up


I sent this poem to my daughter yesterday, Oct 22, 2015, and this was her response:

"Wow mom that made me cry. Thank you so much. I can't tell you how much that meant to me. I love you and miss you. I think I am making the right decision to go to Orange County, I think I will love it. I could see myself getting bored in Tennessee, but I just want to make sure I have a purpose and that is to help others. I love you so much always and forever."

God is forever good and faithful to those who love Him. Romans 8:28

I am the parent of a heroin addict:

I am writing as a parent that suffers from having a daughter who is a heroin addict. 

 I am not going to share her story because that is her journey. But, her story has overflowed into my story and has traumatized me forever. I am a strong person, but heroin has broken me. I pray that none of you ever know the ravages and heartbreak of having a loved one who suffers from heroin addiction, but it is like confronting Satan face to face who wants to maim, kill, and destroy and will probably win. 


I am a physician so one could think I have seen everything and I have, but I cannot express the heartbreak and trauma that one experiences when you find your daughter clinically dead. I feel God prepared me to be a physician so at that specific moment in time I was able to save  my precious girl. 


So I almost lost my beautiful daughter, but then a few years later I lost my oldest son from shallow water blackout which has been another journey with trying to save lives through shallowwaterblackoutprevention.org. 


Then my daughter who had been doing so well really excelling had a huge emotional and physical setback. Along with ER doctors readily handing out pain pills culminated in a relapse that ended with me finding her blue, respiratory compromised, and unconscious having overdosed. By shear divine intervention, I found her again. I should not of been at our house. I wasn't suppose to be, but I had a few minutes and ran by to check on my dogs. The trauma of finding my daughter a second time clinically dead has moved me to bravely speak out about the ravages of heroin addiction not only on the victims, but on the families. 


Heroin crosses all socioeconomic groups and is killing more people than car accidents. I am a victim who lives in fear each day of finding her beautiful perfect daughter dead. I can no longer not speak out because her addiction has permanently traumatized me so this is now my story not just hers and has become my right and privilege to share and tell.  I wish this was not so, but this is how I live my life. 


I send love and blessings to all the families of addicts who suffer daily with the heartbreak of living in fear of losing their loved one. It is our time to speak out to help stop addiction especially heroin that is killing so many amazing gifted people and ravaging their families depleting them mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially.  Please have the courage to share your story because our voices together can change the world.  When we can remove the shame, we can lessen our pain. 

 God bless all of us. ️


I wrote this in anticipation of posting it on FB, July 2015. I decided to post it on my blog that was just activated Oct 17, 2015. On Oct 26th, my daughter will complete her one month back in treatment and will be headed to longer term sober living and treatment. The Thursday before her admission she again overdosed and for the first time had a seizure. Miraculously, she was discovered. She has realized she was knocking at death's door. If a person continues to use heroin they will die, it is only a matter of time when they will die. Drugs will win this battle on earth, but not in Heaven. Please pray for my daughter's continued recovery and for God's mighty plan for her life. We can only win this plan together. Thank you.

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