A Love Story

Here is an excerpt from the twelfth chapter of my new release, "The Signature of God":

"Blessings are God's favor and protection in our lives. They are an expression of His goodness and care, and He uses them to help and encourage us. Through them, He guides us, emboldens us, buoys us, carries us, and lifts us up in spirit. God has always shown us special favor and affirmed us through His blessings. I believe He delights in bestowing good on us because it’s a way of showing He loves us and is drawing us close to Him. It’s also how He carries out His purpose in the world through us.

The fact that we’re blessed by God also says something about His strength, wisdom, and power. He has blessings to give us because He’s greater than we are and has the ability to do this. His blessings highlight His supremacy at the same time that they communicate something about our humanness and need. Ephesians 1:3 says, 'Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.' God blesses all of us, whether we have a personal relationship with Him or not. But when we choose to follow Him, His blessings play out profoundly in our lives, sometimes in ways we may not even recognize."

A Love Story

I live and move in Your love
It is Your promised union and covenant
In the Holy Spirit’s sign of the white dove
So I am Yours; You are my beloved

You exist in every breath I make
Each moment I give praise while awake
Every night I pray my soul
You will take In my heart I know you will not forsake

I serve You however You wish and say
I follow You to guide and lead my way
You know and number each one of my days
Wherever you lead me I will rest and lay

My soul is Yours and Yours alone
You will forever be my destiny, my true home
I will never be lost, left to aimlessly roam
I will not be afraid, cry, or groan

As a fleeting blade of grass to mere dust
Brief meaning and purpose, find I must
My spirit for You, my love, it only lusts
In you I place all my faith and trust

It is for You my heart longs and yearns
It is from your Words I desire to grow and learn
With this faith, I have no fear, no concerns
It is toward You I move and turn

So I am freed by Your loving grace in Your merciful sacrifice
Your bloodshed was sufficient; it did suffice
You know my true heart no need to disguise
For our love story, You paid the ultimate price

-Dr. Rhonda Milner

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