God's Moon

Here is an excerpt from the second chapter of my new release, "The Signature of God":

Our universe was formed in an amazing way. The fact that it works as it does shows the existence of a God who has always been here. His constant presence is seen everywhere we look in the natural world and is even supported by different fields of science. You may be surprised to discover that science itself can give testimony to God’s existence and that there is a movement in the scientific community toward faith in God as Creator.

In chapter two, I’ll explore with you some ideas about science and our universe, so you can see that the world did not just happen by accident. As I do this, I hope you’ll be encouraged to find that God is real, He is here, He is constant and dependable, and His character does not change.

God’s Moon

Never changing,
always there.
You make me feel
I want to stare.
A gift of beauty
That knows no cares.
Your paleness glistens against the dark.
Tonight you’re mine; you’ve made your mark.
How many ages have had these thoughts?
How many times have you been sought?
My years are short and yours are many.
Then, one day there are not any.
To know what all you have seen,
such wisdom mankind could glean.
But, we are simple and seem not to learn.
With all we have, should we still yearn?
Content we are in our pathetic ways.
We live not realizing our few numbered days.
In the end we all must pray
our God of mercy, we can persuade.

- Dr. Rhonda Milner

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