What is it about the word "home" that brings up such thoughts and feelings of safety and contentment? Images of saved memories in our minds will make us smile and bring a sense of longing deep within us. This is what my poem, "Home," addresses. 

So where is our home really? It's not actually a place or destination. It is carried in our hearts. It is where love lives. God is pure love, and God is our home. 


Home again, take me home
I no longer want to flounder and roam

That warm safe place
That brings a satisfied smile to my face

Where I am known and accepted
Never feeling inept or rejected

The fires and hot embers radiate bright light
Consolation and comfort they bring into the dark night

Flames burning, reflections dancing on the walls
Fond past memories in my mind they recall

Contentment, trust, joy, and peace
At home these feelings never cease

Home is the Heart where Love lives
God is Love, so Home is wherever God is

-Dr. Rhonda Milner

"God is Love." 
1 John 4:8b

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