House of the Soul

Our souls are what form our personhood, which is who we truly are. Our physical bodies can be deceiving and certainly do not represent the kind of person we are. So, we all must look deeper and beyond the superficial to really see and know an individual and all people.

The truth is our physical bodies are temporary housing for our eternal souls as we make this brief sojourn here on planet earth. We grow, mature, and learn, developing into something new. Hopefully that is enough to cross God's Finish Line well. The fact is, we have a choice and are free to choose our eternal destiny. Thankfully, we have a loving, forgiving God who knows and sees our true hearts.

House of the Soul

The body is a house of the soul
The true self lives within and unfolds

Body boxes are made to contain and hide
Emotions and feelings swelter lurking inside

Outside stereotypes and prejudices are not right
Delusive, external witnesses without true sight

Glistening eyes are openings into the soul
Translucent windows are their major role

Light shines out from goodness within
But darkness will throw shadows from stealth sin

Beguiling body houses are all dressed to conceal
Cursory, quick glances will never reveal

Pretty outside, smiling, all adorned
Can hide broken souls, doleful and forlorn

Shades of gray, harrowed hints of hurt and scorn
Exterior false illusions can mock hearts that mourn

Trapped inside, this prisoner wants to be free
So do not falsely judge or think you really see

Life is the gift for spiritual growth and insight
Death is the friend who puts souls to flight

Prickly senses sear through into the soul's room
Bring mixed emotions where tears of grief's losses always loom

Training-ground terrain for our future fate
Lessons learned in time to make death's date

What lies within the long or short dash
It's up to us what we will leave and make last

Soul houses, temporary perishing abodes
It's the choices taken and which roads

True character they do shape and mold
Nothing is excused, even mistakes untold

Life is short; its your fate and mine to cast
Each present moment ticking quickly becomes the past

Reason and logic may help mundane wins
But compassion and faith lead to Heavenly ends

Passion and lust are body house rules
Sensual desire loses, will makes us fools

The body boxes can hold God's sublime gifts
So what will come out when the top finally lifts?

Houses of souls where furtive secrets may hide
God sees all that is within, hidden deep inside

Our eternal future is for us to decide
So the crux is both--our final destination and this life's ride

-Dr. Rhonda Milner

"So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal."
2 Corinthians 4:18

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