I Am One, with You Forever

Here is an excerpt from the sixth chapter of my new release, "The Signature of God":

”God's glory and majesty are difficult to describe. There are simply no words that could adequately explain these aspects of God in all their fullness. Glory entails everything amazing about God’s character. Majesty speaks to His sovereignty, greatness, and authority. But even our best thinking, studying, worship, or praise could not capture all of who He is.

We do, however, have an awareness of His glory and majesty because of the way He manifests Himself in our lives. In the Old Testament, He at times made His glory visible or observable, appearing as a cloud, fire, or smoke. And we can still see physical signs of His glory today. In fact, all of creation reveals His glory and majesty, a gracious thing He’s done that allows us to know Him and to understand we’re loved. We see examples of who He is in creation, and even as we may be limited in our ability to articulate the power and emotional resonance of these in our lives, we witness and are blessed by them nonetheless.”

I Am One, with You Forever

I open my heart, and it is filled with joy
to see the golden blaze in azure blue,
the glisten of dawn’s first morning dew.
To hear the song-filled air of little birds, such delight—a wonder to be heard.
To feel the warm breath of wind against my face, the new season’s gentle embrace.
To touch the sparkling velvet of the sand,
in cool waters where I stand.
This beauty is mine to behold,
my life it does truly mold.
Through nature I see God.
Revealed is The Path that I must trod.
The moment is eternity.
For somewhere is a sunset I must see, God’s eternal beauty enticing me.
My soul is now at peace and rest
for I am one with You at last, at last.

- Dr. Rhonda Milner

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