If I Can Just Keep On Breathing

I personally know my own human frailties, deep loss, heartbreak, despair, and hopelessness where I thought the pain was too much to bear; a brokenness unspoken. But, I found if I could just focus on my breath: to just keep on breathing, I could make my way to the next day that held hope.

If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, overwhelm, never ever give up the faith that a new day can bring promise of relief. Ceasing breathing is never the answer; it is always the permanent solution to a temporary problem. No matter how bad it seems, it will always get better if you can just keep on breathing....and believing. I am an admitted wounded and broken healer. It is that brokenness, those cracks within us, that lets God into our hearts to bring healing and hope. 

If I Can Just Keep on Breathing

What do you do when you are broken and alone
When there is no one to tell or even phone

Where do you go with all of your pain
When you are the only one left to blame

This brokenness can not be spoken
Only heartbreak and suffering are the token

All I can see that it is the end
There is nothing left to darn, nothing left to mend

My heart has been torn from me once again
There is nowhere to go, to try to begin

So death seems so easy, a place for my hope
I have lost all ability to live and to cope

If I can just keep breathing for one more day
Surely God will help me find my way

The fear and abandonment keep closing in
All thoughts are consumed; this must be the end

The pain rips through to my core
My heart will cease if the hurt becomes any more

Please don't leave me alone; don't go away
I can't bear the hurt; please ask me to stay

The lost tears of deep desperation and despair
Know this heart is broken with no hope of repair

The solitary control left
Is to meet with surly death

My consolation is the grave
So I must try to be brave

My mind tells me there is no other way
Unless my life remains in an isolated cave

Destiny does not follow the planned course
Every cell in my body feels the remorse

When desolation & desecration are mine
There is only barren void that I am able to find

The empty abyss welcomes with open arms
I am not afraid; I fear no more harm

If all are better without me
Darkness shed is the shadow I see

Left alone for eternity embracing loneliness
My punishment is this, but please one last kiss

The moment passes as an unknown lifetime
The searing cut of forgiveness is my only lifeline

If I can just keep breathing for one more day
Surely God can help me find my way

I pray my brokenness will go away
I pray my heart will want me to stay

The sun rises bringing the contemplation of hope
God is giving me prayers helping me to cope

This brokenness He can only heal
He knows my heart and how I feel

The deep hole I find myself in
Allows me to see God once more again

I can only look up to see His face
That is when I am bathed by His loving grace

So my hope & promise alone are in Him
Sadness looms near, but never again

If I can just keep breathing for one more day
Surely God will show me the way

Brokenness can be healed by faith and belief
The Lord God, my Savior, is the only relief

If I can just keep breathing for one more day
I know God will show me the way

-Dr. Rhonda Milner

"Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death." Romans 8:1

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