Pennies From Heaven

It was 10:46 am on Dec 1, 2016 when my sweet 101 year-old momma left this world to pass over into the eternal, spiritual realm to be with God. At about this same time, I stepped out of my car to go into the drugstore. Beside my foot I noticed a perfectly round shape almost stuck to the asphalt. I pried it up and found a very worn, beaten-up penny with the date totally worn off. I knew this was a special penny as my deceased son has been sending them for the past 5 1/2 years. This one seemed different as it was so worn-out and old. When I arrived back home, I received the call that my mother had passed. Immediately I knew the special penny was not from my son, although I have a big jar full from him. I smiled as I realized that this penny was from my sweet mother. Over the past few days when I saw her, she was unresponsive as she was transitioning to her new home. However last week, even though she was deeply sleeping and not responding, I spoke to her telling her how much I loved her. While I stroked and kissed her, I told her what a wonderful mother she had been, and that it was now OK for her to let go and move on. She nodded, then opened her eyes wide as if to say she understood, then she was back deeply sleeping again. The last of our senses to go is our hearing. Although my mother suffered from dementia, at times she would have moments of being remarkably lucid. I think she responded to let me know she understood and loved me. I also think that old worn-out, beaten-up penny with no date was sent to me from her as a gift, an affirmation of her love and confirmation of her spiritual existence. If you google pennies and their significance, you will find there are pennies from Heaven. Every time you find one, an Angel is sending you love. And, of course, all pennies say, "In God We Trust." My momma is now one of the Angels; she is now one of my Angels watching over me.

Thank you, Mom. I love you, too. ️

Afterlife Kisses

Pennies, dimes, coins abound
So many that I have found

Guardian Angels sending their love
Precious gifts from Heaven above

Raindrops to rainbows in skies I see
Signs of hope and promise given to me

Falling feathers drifting down
Tell me you are safe and sound

Yellow butterflies of resurrection
Rebirth is our hope and conception

Ethereal dragonflies bringing eternal light
Come to me as solace for my dark night

Tree frogs that have been transformed
Showing life does change, is not conformed

A pair of cooing mourning doves
Send me confirmation of everlasting love

The hidden red bird's melodious song
Reminds me you are not ever really gone

Love is this life source and prevailing force
That helps me to stay on this long, rocky course

Yes, it is you I will always forever miss
But the afterlife sends to me a tender God kiss

So although I no longer see your sweet face
I am blessed by God's merciful, loving Grace

-Dr. Rhonda Milner

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