Two Doves

I was at our house in Florida during early spring. A peculiar thing happened. When I went into our back yard to enjoy the sun, two cooing doves were nestled in the grass next to the patio. They were not afraid and remained there while I sat quietly reading. Then, later that day I was outside to enjoy the sunset and they were still there. So the next day they were still there, in fact they remained in our backyard our entire stay. It was so odd I knew it was some Afterlife Kiss. Doves mean peace and love. I have a pair of doves in our house necks intertwined representing love. Then I woke up one morning and looked over finally seeing the old wooden carved inkwell. Between 2 doves I had placed my deceased son's photo memento with his life dates. What a clear message these two doves were sending me of love from my son. We left to go back to Atlanta after saying goodbye to the two doves and thank you. 

Several days later I pulled into my driveway and glanced at the birdbath by our driveway. Sitting next to each other on the edge of the birdbath were 2 doves. In my view centered between them in a bush behind them was a beautiful red male cardinal. The red cardinal was the first Afterlife Kiss I ever received which I have previously written about. The 2 doves have remained at our home coming to our backyard feeders. We had never had doves at our feeders before these 2 arrived. 

Look around, have eyes to see these blessings of love from God and our deceased loved ones. They are meant to give us comfort knowing the best is yet to come and life does go on for eternity. The question is where will you spend it?

Afterlife Kisses

Pennies, dimes, coins abound
So many that I have found

Guardian Angels sending their love
Precious gifts from Heaven above

Raindrops to rainbows in skies I see
Signs of hope and promise given to me

Falling feathers drifting down
Tell me you are safe and sound

Yellow butterflies of resurrection
Rebirth is our hope and conception

Ethereal dragonflies bringing eternal light
Come to me as solace for my dark night

Tree frogs that have been transformed
Showing life does change, is not conformed

A pair of cooing mourning doves
Send me confirmation of everlasting love

The hidden red bird's melodious song
Reminds me you are not ever really gone

Love is this life source and prevailing force
That helps me to stay on this long, rocky course

Yes, it is you I will always forever miss
But the afterlife sends to me a tender God kiss

So although I no longer see your sweet face
I am blessed by God's merciful, loving Grace

-Dr. Rhonda Milner

"We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; "
2 Corinthians 4:8

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