When You Don't Understand

Here is an excerpt from the eighth chapter of my new release, "The Signature of God":

"There is much mystery to God in that there are so many things that we do not understand on this earth, things we will not be able to understand until we are one day in His glorious presence. We can learn, study, and experience many things in our lifetime. But as created beings rather than the Creator, we are limited in our ability to know it all. What is reassuring is that God is omniscient. He possesses complete awareness and understanding of all things, and He knows and sees the big picture of His plan. To that end, He is gracious to shape the circumstances of our lives so that we can have hope and trust in Him, ultimately living out the lives He created us for, knowing who He is, and having a close and personal relationship with Him. Among other things, He signs His name in all of creation, including the situations in our lives, to help us see and believe in Him.

God knows where He’s put us in life and why things happen. His signature is in our everyday circumstances, and we can count on the fact that He has our best interests at heart. Though we may not always know the outcome of a situation, the Bible tells us that we can rely on Him. In 1 Timothy 3:16 we read, ‘Beyond all question, the mystery from which true godliness springs is great.’ God’s reasoning may be mysterious to us at times, but we can trust in His omniscience and goodness."

When You Don’t Understand

When life makes no sense and you don’t understand the reason why
Your life unravels before your very eyes

You look to find an answer somewhere
You look to find something, someone to help and care

Your heart is crushed, torn, and broken
So many words have been left unspoken

The tears roll out from a hidden, deep place
The hurt and heartbreak show all over your face

Life seems unbearable with shame and disgrace
You look to find shelter, but there is no place

The hurt is too much to try to carry on
Your heartstrings are cut, losing their song

Is it possible to still make your way?
Can you go on breathing for another day?

You think your heart will stop, will miss its next beat The dark specter lurks near, waiting to leap

Cold, still sleep seems to be the only answer
Fear and sadness have become your cancer

You question if you are going insane
You don’t know how to play this heart game

There is nowhere left to go
Never have you felt so very, very low

You don’t understand the reason or cause for such hurt
You wish there was someone to help and alert

The sadness looms and does not go away
Speaking is useless, there is nothing left to say

When the cruel words are like a viper’s sting
The pain still echoes with a continuous ring

You feel like a broken and wounded bird
You only want your hurt and sorrow to be acknowledged and heard

Who is there to turn to, but only God
But only stillness and silence, there is no nod

Sometimes no response can give you grace
Unanswered prayers may be the case

You scream and cry out with all your might
Please dear God help make things right

You won’t give in, give up the fight
Your faith in Him will never lose its sight

In unexplained mystery you must rest
God’s help and His strength are still your quest

He will be found because you seek
Blessed are the suffering, not just the meek

You will continue your trust and your belief
Even if Heaven will be your only relief

Your faith in God alone, you will always keep
What is sown on earth, in Heaven you will reap

-Dr. Rhonda Milner


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