The Mended Heart Paperback

The Mended Heart Paperback


In The Mended Heart, author and poet Rhonda Dawes Milner brings readers an inspirational book of poetry and prose, offering them comfort and hope when they are going through difficult times. Drawing from her own experiences of joy and happiness, pain and sorrow, she shares words that encourage and lift the spirits of those who need to be reminded they are not alone.

This book is a journey to hope, allowing readers from all walks of life to connect with the thoughts and wisdom of the author as she leads them through the human and universal experiences of love (both love experienced as people and love as shown by God), the pain and yet gentle and inherent beauty of suffering, and the promise of hope.

The heart is never the same after it’s been broken. But it can be healed. Ultimately, The Mended Heart brings readers to a place where they can recognize and experience God’s love, receiving help and blessing through the writings and honest reflections of someone who’s been down the road of both heartache and healing.

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