Both Sides of Love

When I write about love, I recognize that it has two sides that can't be separated, like two sides of the same coin. One side is intimacy, joy and happiness with the other side being loss, hurt and pain when we allow ourselves to love deeply. But, love is always worth the risk. It is what makes us truly human, bonding us with one another in connection and relationship.

I have been on both sides of love in my life. I know the deep pain of heartbreak and the compassionate sadness one feels when pain is inflicted on another from unreturned love. Love gives us life and it gives life to others. It is what connects us to others and to God, as God is love. So, we must continue to open ourselves to love, even after a broken heart.

Both Sides of Love

I have known love on both sides
Heartbreaker and painful heartbreak rides
I have heard excuses, falsehoods, and lies
I know deep hurt that has made me cry

False pretensions and deceitful illusions
Make for love's turmoil and confusions
Love is just given with no constraints or control
It cannot be contrived, bought, or sold

I have wished I could kindle desire's fire
But trying and trying will make one a liar
Seeing another suffering, hurt, and lost
Is tearful and painful to bear this cost

A broken heart with too many pieces and cracks
Then no mending or repair, one can't go back
The facts and truth still constantly remain
The battle wounds and spillage, cannot be contained

Innocent casualties left in the ruins are unfair
Despite these dire consequences one can still care
Sacrifice, denial become the price, it's worth
Whatever it takes to stop the pain and hurt

Only with God can one find wholeness and healing
To have felt both sides to know these feelings
Compassion, understanding to continue loving, our hearts to give
Love is worth all these risks; it is why we continue to live

-Dr. Rhonda Milner

"And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them."
1 John 4:16

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