God's Design

Here is an excerpt from the third chapter of my new release, "The Signature of God":

”You may have heard of God described as omniscient, meaning He knows everything and possesses all understanding of the universe—past, present, and future. He can see things in their totality, and His knowledge is limitless. As the One who made the world and everything in it, He also created knowledge itself. I believe signs of His intelligence and genius have been deeply ingrained in all created things, not only in nature but also in us.

Whether through the complicated design of the systems of the human body, the intricate sequencing of elements in nature, or the deliberate provision of natural resources necessary for human survival, God demonstrates a superior intelligence that’s far beyond what any person could produce. I think it’s incredible to observe how God’s creation has His signature all over it and reveals the mastermind who made it.”

God’s Design

God created a perfect, sublime design
Born into the dimensions of space and time

Cells with secret helix keys to life
All contained within, enough to suffice

Inhale, exhale motions always there
God has done all this with His loving care

Hearts with unceasing perpetual beats
Never a moment’s rest, respite, or defeat

Imagination, thoughts, music roam in the mind
Curiosity, intelligence, wondering answers to find

Dreaming cloudy visions, slumbering quiet sleep Brings healing to the body and soul for us to keep

Prayers and faith play their infinite part
Keeping us healthy, well, close to God’s heart

Programmed to physically one day die
He holds all these answers, the reasons why

God wired us like Him for loving others
He created us to be all sisters and brothers

So in His creation, design, and plan
He made us into miracles by His hands

- Dr. Rhonda Milner

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