Repentance allows for God's forgiveness. He knows your heart, so you can't pretend. Repentance and forgiveness are intricately tied together.

My last post was about forgiving others who have harmed you. This kind of forgiveness is a gift you give yourself to free yourself from bondage. God's forgiveness is founded on the condition of your heart. I am confident that if you have a truly repentant heart, there is no sin so great that God won't forgive it. And yes, that means even murderers and the like. If they come to faith and have true repentance, they will be forgiven.

If we have sinned once, even a little sin, we cannot enter into Heaven. All of our sins must be forgiven. I, for one, know I am a sinner and live in a glass house. But God, in His love and mercy, offers all of us forgiveness when we stand before Him with a repentant heart.

It can sometimes be more difficult to forgive yourself than to forgive others, although God forgives you for any sin you bring to Him. If God can extend undeserved mercy and forgiveness to you, should you not do the same for yourself?

It is never too late to repent, even up to our last, dying breath.

Praise God for His love and mercy! ❤️🙏


Repentance comes from deep in one's soul
It acknowledges and accepts your full role
Forgiveness becomes possible because of repentance
Then there will no longer be a condemned sentence

Repentance means you can finally make amends
When you recognize and accept all your sins
It wipes away, cleaning your slate
Bringing you to a more righteous fate

Repentance means you truly care
But does not mean it will ever make it fair
It's letting go of the reasons why
Going to God to accept and not deny

Repentance means that you do feel regret
Now no reason for deceit, lies, and fret
It is the humble, straight path cast
That can allow your loving relationships to last

Repentance is about feeling remorse
It will lead you down a more faithful course
The relationship with God it will restore
It's about loving Him and caring even more

Repentance, broken bridges it will suspend
Lovingkindness and caring it will send
In the mirror you see your frail, human face
Knowing you need God's mercy and grace

Repentance is also about nonjudgement of others
When empathy and mercy become your druther
Broken hearts it will mend
The shame and guilt will finally expend

Repentance requires humility in you to be
It will bend you and take you to your knee
You may hit the hard wall
And off your high pedestal you will fall

Repentance is accepting your guilt
Being deeply sorry allows trust to be rebuilt
For forgiveness, repentance is the key
Then gone are your transgressions, setting you free

Repentance can be a long, rocky road
But it will relieve the heavy, burdensome load
It allows you to make a fresh start
When God sees and knows your true heart

Repentance allows God's forgiveness to come within
It determines eternity where you will end
God you will no longer offend
A message of love and mercy He will extend

Repentance before God of your sin
Begins for you a brand new life again
Your repentance enables God to forgive
It means you can be in Christ and fully Live

-Dr. Rhonda Milner

"Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out." Acts 3:19a

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