When the Veil Becomes Thin

Since my son's death, I periodically get signs of his love. They range from red cardinals, dragonflies, pennies, dimes, feathers and so on. I call these signs "Afterlife Kisses." They appear when the veil between the spiritual realm and physical realm becomes so thin it is transparent, letting little pieces of Heaven slip through as gifts of love and comfort. I wait with anticipation for these special moments when the veil becomes thin. 

When the Veil Becomes Thin

At times the veil becomes very thin
Letting the eternal spiritual realm within

You make your ethereal presence known
Through this incantation my belief has grown

I am certain that life does go on
We will meet again; it won't be long

The transparent veil reveals Christ's face
It allows us to know and feel God's Grace

Death is but a blink of the eye
It does not last; no need to cry

But, I still miss your touch
And I still love you so much

The sadness looms from that day
The day of days you went away

I am afraid your image will fade
So I cling to memories, my mind's cascade

Thoughts of times gone by
Never again to meet my eye

They race beyond in a blurring scene
Soft specters dancing in my dream

I pause in silence for life to be
Seeking missed messages from you to me

Lost visions gone from sight
No actions or words make this right

So I hope and pray for a visit tonight
The conjured images, dreams take flight

You once were, but now no more
It's disbelief that shuts the door

I think you will return one day
So many words with so much to say

Your lingering presence, I need to stay
Please don't leave me, don't go away

Death is not so proud anymore
It's ugly head wants to even the score

Death will die and live no more
The Angels in Heaven will wait then soar

So I remain guarded in the night
By my precious loved ones in the light

We all will witness the Great Fight
Our Lord on white steed victorious with His Might

When the veil becomes thin
The blessing from Heaven rains in

Until then the Incarnational tells the tale
Eternal everlasting love will prevail

...So I wait quietly for the thin veil

- Dr. Rhonda Milner

"But whenever anyone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away."
2 Corinthians 3:16


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